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Spiritual Practices

The Siddha Yoga practices give us the means to live in alignment with the philosophy of the Siddha Yoga path. The benefits of doing spiritual practices are many: they help us to develop a stronger and more balanced mind, a discriminating intellect, and an increased capacity for love, generosity, and service.

Siddha Yoga meditation teaches that the goal of life is to discover and fully experience the inner Self, the divine Consciousness that is our true nature. Over time, the spiritual practices, together with the grace of the Guru through shaktipat initiation, lead a seeker to this awareness, known as God-realization, enlightenment, or liberation. The following Siddha Yoga practices are part of the ashram daily schedule, events, and curriculum: meditation, chanting, seva, dakshina, study and contemplation, hatha yoga, satsang, and retreat.


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