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Family Glossary

Shishu is the Sanskrit word for the precious years from birth to age 5. It indicates the beginning of learning:

Bala is a Sanskrit word that means "child." The years from 6 to 9 are rich, joyful, magical, so much that a hatha yoga posture has been named after balas!

Kumar means "royal child." Ages 10 to 12 are when we become aware of our inner relation to the divine and develop more abstract awareness.

Kishor is a Sanskrit word that means "youthful, fresh, and vigorous". The years between 13 and 16 are considered ideal to pursue the spiritual path, explore the fundamental questions in life, and discover the inner realms.

Yuva is a Sanskrit word that means "young, healthy, and strong." The years between 17 and 24 are a time to embrace our strengths, know ourselves in depth, and create a life of meaning and joy.




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