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As we go through the back hallway of the ashram, we discover a beautiful, covered, outdoor temple with a murti, or statue, of Bhagavan Nityananda, Baba Muktananda's Guru and one of the most venerable saints of modern India. In this lovely garden-like setting one is naturally drawn inward. Considered the heart of the ashram, the Temple, with its powerful and silent atmosphere, is an ideal place to meditate, contemplate, or simply sit quietly. We chant here several times a day. At the rear of the Temple is a puja, or altar, for Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and beauty.

The Bhagavan Nityananda Temple is open to everyone seven days a week. The Temple was built as a refuge for those who come to meditate, pray, and enjoy a time of silent contemplation. It holds the love and blessings of Bhagavan Nityananda.



Silence: Please maintain silence and move quietly. Turn off cell phones, beepers, and watch alarms.

Food and Drink: Please do not bring food or drink into the Temple.

Attire: One of the traditional ways to show respect for a holy place is to wear modest and clean attire. Please remove your shoes and place them on the shelves.

Seating: Women are seated on the left, men on the right. No lying down, please.

Darshan - Paying Respects: In India it is customary to pay respects to the murti, or holy statue, of a saint by bowing. With this gesture one is acknowledging not only the greatness and power of the saint, but also of one's own inner being.

Offerings: Baskets are provided for those who wish to make an offering as an expression of gratitude.

Prayer Sticks: Prayer sticks are available in the Bookstore. You are welcome to write on a prayer stick while in the Breezeway. Prayer sticks may be placed in the basket provided inside the gazebo. They are sent to Shree Muktananda Ashram and offered in the fire in front of the Shiva Nataraj statue.

Children: Children are always welcome with a parent or guardian.


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