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Amrit Cafe

The ashram kitchen staff prepares delicious vegetarian meals that are available for purchase by visitors and sevites seven days a week. Meal times are subject to change during special events, Intensives, and courses. If you are coming to an event at the ashram, please plan to join us for a meal!

Amrit Hours effective March 27, 2017
Mon - Fri
Breakfast 8:00 - 8:45 am 8:00 - 8:45 am 7:00 - 7:45 am
Sunday Brunch
9:30 - 10:30 am
Lunch 12:15 -1:00 pm 12:15 -1:00 pm 12:15 -1:00 pm

Amrit Guidelines
The Amrit cafeteria was inaugurated by Swami Muktananda shortly after the ashram was opened in 1975. Originally created as a juice bar, he gave it the name Amrit, the Sanskrit word for nectar. Swami Muktananda recognized the value of a place where Siddha Yoga students could nourish themselves with healthy vegetarian food and engage in satsang, uplifting conversation and discussion of the Siddha Yoga teachings. This remains the purpose of the Amrit today.

The following guidelines are in place in order to establish and maintain a sacred environment conducive to spiritual practice:

• Silence is observed during retreats, morning meditation, the Guru Gita, and evening satsangs. During all other times you are welcome to engage in satsang (see above).

• To support the ashram environment, please do not bring newspapers, magazines, novels, or laptop computers into the Amrit. Please read only Siddha Yoga publications or those which enhance your understanding of the Siddha Yoga teachings.

• Solicitation or business is not permitted in the ashram -- spiritual, political, or otherwise. Body work, massage, or healing arts are also not allowed in the ashram.

• Utensils, plates, and cups are to remain in Amrit. To-go cups and boxes are available for purchase where ashram meals are served.

• Please step outside the ashram to use your cell phone.

• Amrit is completely vegetarian. If you need, bring only vegetarian meal supplements.

• Service animals are the only animals permitted in the ashram. For the well-being of pets and the safety of pedestrians, please do not leave dogs outside.

• Please wear modest and clean attire.

• The Amrit cafeteria is available because members of the Siddha Yoga sangham (community of Siddha Yoga students) practice seva, or selfless service, in support of it. You are invited to participate. Please contact the Seva Center to apply for a shift.


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